Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Blue (Crab) Heaven

Look at the size of this guy! 

I brought him and 11 of his monster-sized friends back from Punta Gorda a couple weeks ago.  They were still clawing for life when they hit the steamer basket.  It was somewhat sad, but that was a fleeting sentiment as I watched these gifts from the sea turn an angry shade of orange.  Humans are hungry, after all. 

Son of Hubmeister and I had a finger-lickin' mini-feast, thanks to the craberrific efforts of the team at Peace River Seafood in Punta Gorda.  I couldn't have asked for a fresher crab if I pulled it from a trap myself.  You can purchase live crabs from this cute little spot off Highway 17, or sit in the Old-Florida-era-house-turned-restaurant and pound away till your heart's content.  Prefer to see the shells fly outside?  Request a table on the inviting deck shaded by majestic oaks.  If the kids get antsy, send them out back to visit the goats and chickens.

It's a crab shack off Highway 17, where we can get together....a crab shack, baaaby.

In the spirit of full disclosure, Food and Loathing has a special place in her heart for the purveyors of this establishment, so I'll let these hefty crawlers and folks crowding the laid-back eatery speak for its amazing fresh Florida seafood and fun and funky crab-shack groove.  You can also check out this blog for additional restaurant photos and opinion:  http://www.blogthebeach.com/2009/life-at-the-beach/peace-river-seafood-crab-shack 

If you are passing through Punta Gorda (the restaurant is one mile east of I-75, Exit 164), and you have a hankering for crab, you are guaranteed to get the freshest crustaceans imaginable here.  Local fishermen make daily deliveries of their catches, which also include clams, shrimp and a variety of fish. 

A thriving wholesaler, Peace River Seafood ships its bounty to restaurants throughout the United States.  Crab aficionados in the Northeast are probably unfamiliar with the Peace River, but the sweet and meaty crabs on which they feast knew it well. 

Restaurant Info:
Peace River Seafood Restaurant and Fish Market
5337 Duncan Road
Punta Gorda

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  1. i don't eat crab, but the love shack remix was worth this read.