Monday, June 14, 2010

A Cool and Nutty Intro

My first post. What should it be? Considering the sweltering temperatures, I can think of nothing better than to relay a recent, refreshing experience in Vienna, Georgia.

Cruising up I-75 on our way to Atlanta week before last, I convinced my husband and son to veer off the highway at Exit 109 for a stop at Ellis Bros. Pecans. Anyone driving in this area south of Macon has seen the billboards proclaiming the Ellis folks as nuts. This is something of which they are quite proud, as evidenced by this sign, located outside the business:

This modest place is not only loaded with every kind of pecan imaginable, but also has over-the-top homemade ice cream. My skeptical family soon became believers when they scarfed down their snickerdoodle and butter pecan treats. I had a chocolate pecan cone that satisfied every taste bud. The most amazing thing about this ice cream is the cost: $2 for a single cone that has ice cream towering four inches above the rim. After stocking up on pecans, I headed outside to savor a taste of summer in a rocking chair overlooking a cotton field.

What a great afternoon stop on a hot day! Thanks to my sister for tipping me off to Ellis Bros.

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  1. Ellis Pecans is a great stop on I75. No matter what time it is, I stop and get a butter pecan cone. It is delicious and the price is unbelievable. If you like chocolate pecan pie, they have one that is to die for and again the price is incredible. The store has all types of pecans so if you use nuts in baking/cooking, this is the place to stock your pantry.