Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Running Into Aldi, Literally

In case you missed it, Aldi has blueberries on sale for $1.19 a pint.  I don't know the current price in your neck of the woods, but here that is really cheap.  The sale lasts until July 6.  I bought them Sunday, and they are sweet and juicy.

While in the store, you might want to pick up a tasty German coffee.  Let me preface this by saying that we are coffee freaks, try tons of different coffee, and usually order Italian coffee by the case online. We prefer mild coffee for everyday consumption, so if you are a fan of strong brew you might not care for this one, but it is available in other strengths too.  It is Grandessa Signature German Coffee, mild roast.  It's an incredible value at $3.99 for 17.6 oz.

Now if only Aldi would relocate to a safer shopping center where I don't feel the need to run from my car into the store (loathsome!), and where I don't get approached by sketchy people begging for money while I load my trunk (downer and sometimes scary).   Referring to my Aldi runs, Hubmeister has looked at me incredulously, asking, "Is it really worth it?"  Hey man, the coffee's good. 

Attention, Aldi shoppers, let me know your favorite food find at that store.  I know you're out there.  Remember, you can comment anonymously. 


  1. You can't beat the produce prices, that's for sure. Egg prices are good as well. Fortunately, the Aldi where I shop is in a non-threatening area and Thurs. afternoon is my Aldi stop. I always think I'll just get one or two things and end up spending at least $35, and that's because the deals are so good.

  2. IF I REMEMBER CORRECTLY...Aldi has a wacky way of securing a cart. You are required to insert a quarter which you get back upon return of the cart. Also to keep prices low, they do not include grocery bags; so if you're planning a trip to Aldi, be prepared by having 25 cents handy along with that eco-friendly bag you keep in your trunk.

  3. Yup. You get a cart outside with a quarter and you bag your own stuff. You can buy large plastic bags at the register for a dime each, I think. I keep them in the trunk. Now they also have eco-friendly and insulated bags. It's a unique shopping experience; you can really get in and out of there fast.

  4. Just recently moved to Greenville, SC and came upon an Aldi. It is a nicer store than the one in Tampa but carries the same items. German coffee is still available and I bought it in strong rather than mild. Very tasty. Also they sell various types of large bars of chocolate; I bought the one described as very dark. You can't go wrong with a cup of strong coffee and a piece of dark chocolate!

  5. I agree. The chocolate bars are good. A new Aldi opened here since I posted this, and it is bigger than the other one and carries some stuff I hadn't seen before. I bought cookies covered in Belgian chocolate. Yum. Another find (to balance the cookies): low-fat ice cream fudge bars similar to Weight Watchers. Decent price, too. Glad you liked the coffee.