Monday, July 26, 2010

Answers to Your Rotten Questions

Hmmm....that tahini on the top shelf, hiding in the back of the refrigerator, when did I buy that?  When was the last time I made hummus?  Good question.  Also questionable is where in the heck is the expiration date on the can and does tahini ever go bad when refrigerated? 

Welcome to an exciting Saturday afternoon of cleaning out the refrigerator.  Suddenly, it occurred to me to go to a nifty Web site that answers questions about how rotten your food really is -

What an ingenious idea! How many times have you wondered whether you should chuck the eggs, or deli meat, or that open package of bacon? How about how long you should keep unopened or opened sour cream after the expiration date?  Isn't that stuff sour anyway?  What about yogurt or buttermilk? 

You know you are curious, so click on this handy dandy site and ask away.  You might save yourself and your unsuspecting family several unwanted trips to the bathroom.  After all, hugging should be reserved for people and pets, not porcelain bowls.

And the tahini?  Well, evidently I stumped them because it isn't listed.  Somebody let me know,  please.  On second thought, maybe I'll just buy a new can.

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