Friday, July 16, 2010

Went to a Garden Pity Party

It's been a disappointing year for tomatoes at our house.  This is the lonely fellow that's managed to make it in the past few weeks. 

The Lone Survivor

The tomatoes we have produced were full of splits, which is too bad because the flavor was good.   Unlike last year, when we had a bumper crop in the drought, this year we've had the usual Florida afternoon gullywashers and the 'maters are a-sufferin'.  You'd think the opposite would be the case, but controlling the water seems to work best for us.   Yeah, we garden well in droughts.  Go figure.

Hubmeister first planted a vegetable garden when we lived in the Atlanta area.  We couldn't believe the stuff we could grow in that mixture of red clay and potting soil.  To cheer me up after moving here, he immediately planted some herbs.  There's nothing like the scent of fresh basil to put you in a good mood. 


Then he discovered the Earth Box.  The Earth Box is a convenient little gardening system that has a self-watering feature.  You fill up a reservoir with water and it seeps into the soil all day.  No more standing in the yard, cursing the hose as it coils around your leg while your head gets buzzed by man-eating mosquitoes.  Last year we put our tomato plants in them, and they did so well that we did it again this year. 

                                          Tomato plants in the Earth Box

We also planted all the herbs in an Earth Box, except for rosemary, which is still cranking in the ground. 



Right now the oregano and basil are doing okay, but poor thyme, which started out gangbusters, is down to a sun-fried nest of weed; the parsley never grew after I used it all; and the tomato plants are just plain sad. 

Guess which one's the thyme

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