Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Chef Full of Contrasts

If you read yesterday's post about the beet salad, you'll know why I am sending out the link to this article. 

It explains in a nutshell why I am drawn to that dish, and in general, why we find certain dishes so appealing.  The marinara that I liked at Bernini because of the hint of sweetness?  Explained! 

Understanding the fundamentals of opposing flavors can't help but make us better cooks.  My compliments to the chef on a great article.


  1. John Kessler is right; this is a nice blog! I'll pass your link onto friends who live in the area.

  2. Thanks so much. To have talented Atlanta food writer John Kessler compliment my blog is a real thrill. Your kind words and referrals are appreciated.