Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In a Pickle Over Pickles

A couple weeks ago I made pickles for the first time.   Forbes Road Produce had a bunch of fresh kirby cucumbers and I was in the mood to do some canning.  Why I find making stuff and putting it into jars so rewarding I don't know - probably something only a shrink could answer - but I love looking at the finished product, knowing I made it. 

After deciding on the old-fashioned bread-and-butter variety, I referred to recipes from Southern Living and the Web site, and then went to work.  Everybody says pickles are easy to make and that it's a fun thing to do with kids.  That might be true if the kids are adept with knives, or you have the patience of a saint. There's a lot of chopping involved with bread-and-butter pickles, which require loads of thinly sliced onion and cukes sliced into 3/16-inch rounds. 

That was the most time-consuming aspect of this project, other than waiting while the cukes and onions iced down for four hours in the fridge.  After that, it was simply a matter of boiling up ingredients and plopping them into sterilized jars. 

Now, the real time-consuming part - waiting to open them.  The pickyourown people want me to wait four to six weeks!  They can't be serious.  I can't wait to try them.  What if they are terrible?  Cucumber season doesn't last forever, and I'll have to make another attempt.  I think I'll open them tomorrow...just one jar.


  1. You bet, but I tried them and I think they do need to sit longer. They are very sweet.

  2. Bread and Butter suck, half sour rule, just ask anyone who ate at Wolfie's and lived to tell the story.

  3. Half-sour are awesome. I need a recipe. Hubmeister said I should make them, too. Ted's Montana Grill in Atlanta serves them before every meal and they are fantastic. I don't remember those at Wolfie's, just the enormous sandwiches.

  4. I would like to try some too.