Friday, September 10, 2010

Barry-Only-Likes-Bologna Bread

One of the most memorable - and bizarre - Martha Stewart shows I ever saw featured Martha cooking with Barry Manilow. 

You know how skinny Barry is...Well, Martha asked him about his favorite foods and he said something that explains his birdlike physique:  Barry revealed that he doesn't really like food.  I don't think Martha had heard that one before, and I believe she remarked, "Oh, really?"  Nothing says cooking segment like your guest hating food!  

After some awkward prompting, with Martha insisting that he must eat something to stay alive, Barry decided his favorite means of putting life-sustaining calories in that Copacabana-playing bod was a diet of bologna sandwiches. 

Obviously briefed about his aversion to food and his affinity for the bologna sandwich,  Martha decided to teach Barry how to make bread.  What else!  That will at least keep him crooning for Mandy and writing the songs that make the whole world sing, cry or bash in their car radios. 

After witnessing this weird exchange between the consummate food lover and the quirky food hater, I had to make this bread.   Martha assured Barry he would love this loaf, made with nutritious whole-wheat flour, wheat germ and honey.  I don't know whether Barry liked it, but we sure did.  I made a couple of loaves yesterday for the first time in several years, and we polished off almost an entire loaf at dinner.  A day later, the heavenly aroma still lingers.

Below is the link to the recipe and you don't need no stinkin' bread machine!  No excuses, people.  Making bread is easy, and the rewards are great.  One cooking note:  This bread was done in 35 minutes in my oven, which was set to the breads mode.  Be sure to watch it.  I remember burning the bottom a few years ago when I removed it at 50 minutes, as stated in the recipe.

Don't you think this recipe should be renamed to my post title?

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